GPS Tour App in French and English Celebrates the World’s Most Famous Cemetery and its Iconic Residents

October 31, 2020 by Carolyn Campbell

“I seldom go out, but when I feel myself flagging, I go out and cheer myself up in Père Lachaise…while seeking out the dead I see nothing but the living.”

— Honoré de Balzac, Père-Lachaise resident

What did I do with my lockdown time during COVID-19? I completed and launched the perfect travel guide for All Souls’ Day (November 2) with app developer STQRY. We have just released the City of Immortals GPS Tour App of the famed Père-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris for Apple and Google devices in French and English.

Based on my bestselling book, City of Immortals: Père-Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, the app (priced at $2.99 USD) provides visitation and transportation details, the general history of the cemetery, and background on the designs of the 19th-century funerary art and architecture to be found there. In addition, it features images, biographies, and navigation details to the gravesites of the same 84 cultural icons featured in the book, which celebrates this legendary necropolis that draws millions of tourists to the City of Light each year. (more…)